Little Medical School

Little Medical School

  • 27, Jul 2017 -- 31, Aug 2017

  • Cranium Center Jeita

6 hours training, one hour per week, every Thursday starting July 27 at 5 pm.
Places are limited. RSVP
Fees: 90$
Age: 5-12 Years old
For more info 70 220338

Little Medical School brings medicine, science, and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way.
Children learn and have fun as they dress up like doctors, learn how to use instruments doctors use, and understand how the body works! The mission of The Little Medical School is to teach elementary school children about the exciting field of medicine. Through hands-­on demonstrations, crafts, and games, children are actively engaged as they explore the world of medicine.

Educational Outreach:
• Blends fun and education in an interactive and engaging format
• Adds a unique curriculum to any school and is a benefit for children and parents
• Endorsed by hospitals as well as public, private and parochial schools
• Promotes healthy living for children and their families

Kids love to dress up and play doctor. Our after school program encourages children to do this as they explore the exciting and inspiring world of medicine. Using interactive demonstrations, crafts, and games, kids learn how the body and organs work, how to use instruments that real doctors use, administer first aid, and even tie knots like a real surgeon.
Each child gets their own stethoscope that really works. Small class led by a certified Little Medical School teacher ensures individual attention. Each child receives a diploma as a graduate of The Little Medical School at the completion of the course. The courses are 6 weeks long, one day a week for an hour. Following is an example of the course curriculum.


  • Cranium Center Jeita
  • 96170220338

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